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Packing and shipping

We use 3 modern packing lines for packing apples, including one adapted for packing fruit in plastic bags. Each of the lines is equipped with a system of water unloading
of pallet crates and it ends with an automatic palletiser.

Additionally, each line is equipped with an automatic machine allowing for non-contact application of labels (stickers) on fruit.

In order to meet our customers’ requirements and adapt to the market needs, in 2015 we purchased and launched an apple waxing machine. We are currently one of the few companies in Poland that have applied this solution. Thanks to waxing, apples not only get a beautiful appearance and shine, but it also extends their durability.
This is an incredible advantage when exporting apples to distant overseas markets.

The company has its own transport department, which consists of trucks with modern refrigerated trailers. That is why we are also able to deliver goods to the customer.
Our services include both domestic and international transport.

At the customer’s request, we can also organize sea transport to any port in the world.

Our apples can be found in domestic and foreign retail chains and on many European and global markets.

In order to ensure the highest quality and safety of our fruits, we have implemented several quality management systems.