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As we care about our customers, we have invested in modern sorting technology, ensuring the preparation of the highest quality product. Our company is equipped with a fully automated, modern sorting line with a capacity of up to 12 tons of fruit per hour. Sorting of apples is carried out in a non-contact way – this is ensured by a water unloading system, a hydro-vacuum filler and a system of 26 water channels, thanks
to which it is possible to divide the apples into given categories. Fruit is sorted by size, weight, colour and quality. To ensure traceability, the system automatically creates
a coded label, which is then placed on a pallet crate. The label contains information
on the origin and type of goods. Moreover, the system automatically generates
a sorting process report, which contains data on the size and quality classification
of the sorted apples. The goods prepared in such a way go to the forwarding room equipped with a system of movable racks. This additional storage space gives
us the possibility of storing 500 tons of sorted apples, which are waiting
for the production order from the packaging department.

In order to ensure the highest quality and safety of our fruits, we have implemented several quality management systems.