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Wil-Sad focuses on storing the highest quality fruit, i.e. with an appropriate diameter, a specific blush area, appropriate internal parameters and without damage, and the length of storage depends on the variety and degree of fruit ripeness.

When the apples are delivered to the company, the quality control of the harvested fruit is carried out.

Apples intended for long-term storage are selected on the basis of the aforementioned parameters.

Each pallet crate of apples is labelled, which ensures traceability of:

  • producer
  • fruit orchard – plot
  • variety
  • date of harvest and date of delivery to the warehouse

When delivered to the company, each batch of apples is dispatched for direct trade
or for storage in cold rooms.

Fruit supplied by Wil-Sad remain fresh throughout the whole year. It is possible because of the apple storage technology, which is constantly upgraded. We use ULO and DCA cold stores, which allows us to select appropriate storage parameters (CO², O² concentration, temperature level) for the stored apple varieties.

In order to ensure the highest quality and safety of our fruits, we have implemented several quality management systems.