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Cultivation and harvesting

In our sector, the production of the highest quality fruit is the key to success, because even the latest technologies will not improve the quality of apples after harvesting. Therefore, all fruit growers belonging to our group take advantage of professional fruit growing consultancy regarding the techniques of orchard planting and management
as well as using plant protection products, so that our fruit is not only tasty, but also safe. All our fruit growers have obtained food safety certificates, which proves that our actions are effective. Such certificates guarantee the highest standards of fruit production.

Moreover, by analysing European and global trends, market needs and climatic conditions of our region, we make gradual changes in apple planting, adapting varieties to consumer needs.

The date of apple harvest is determined on the basis of internal parameters of apples, i.e. the content of starch and sugars as well
as fruit firmness. Our fruit growers receive guidelines concerning the harvest and delivery of fruit to the warehouse. The fruit
is harvested by hand, with great care. In addition, we put great emphasis on meeting the sanitary conditions and requirements when harvesting.

Our position on the market, developed over the years, and the fact that we are famous for producing dessert apples of the highest quality, give us motivation for further development.

In order to ensure the highest quality and safety of our fruits, we have implemented several quality management systems.