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WIL-SAD was created by a group of fruit growers who combined their potential, experience and passions, offering fruit with unique taste, aroma and appearance.

Our fruit farms are located in the immediate vicinity of the Vistula River, in the picturesque area of the Wilga commune (the southern part of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship). We take advantage of the benefits of the nearby river by growing our apples in one of the most fertile lands of Mazovia. The natural qualities of the Mazovian Lowland guarantee that crops grow in extremely favourable conditions.

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How we work

Attractive prices directly from the manufacturer

In our sector, the production of the highest quality fruit is the key to success, because even the latest technologies will not improve the quality of apples after harvesting. Therefore, all fruit growers belonging to our group take advantage of professional fruit growing consultancy regarding the techniques of orchard planting and management as well as using plant protection products,
so that our fruit is not only tasty, but also safe.


Wil-Sad focuses on storing the highest quality fruit, i.e. with an appropriate diameter, a specific blush area, appropriate internal parameters and without damage, and the length of storage depends on the variety and degree of fruit ripeness. When the apples
are delivered to the company, the quality control of the harvested fruit is carried out.


As we care about our customers, we have invested in modern sorting technology, ensuring the preparation of the highest quality product. Our company is equipped with a fully automated, modern sorting line with a capacity of up to 12 tons of fruit per hour. Sorting of apples is carried out in a non-contact way – this is ensured by a water unloading system, a hydro-vacuum filler
and a system of 26 water channels, thanks to which it is possible to divide the apples into given categories.

Packing and shipping

We use 3 modern packing lines for packing apples, including one adapted for packing fruit in plastic bags. Each of the lines
is equipped with a system of water unloading of pallet crates and it ends with an automatic palletiser. Additionally, each line
is equipped with an automatic machine allowing for non-contact application of labels (stickers) on fruit.

In order to ensure the highest quality and safety of our fruits, we have implemented several quality management systems.